SimbaNET Ltd Job Vacancy

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SimbaNET provides connections, architecture, security, clouds, and control services to improve their property and communications (ICT).

The member of the marked ACCI group. We are information to the public through East Africa with the area of the area and worldwide.

We work in Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, Malawi, and the EAU. However, we work in other countries such as Rwanda, Burundi, Si, Mozambique, South Sudan, South Sudan, and RDC with our partners

The list of customers included the largest bank account in East Africa and the hotel area; Insurance, talents; ISPs, multiple responsibilities, organizations, and government agencies. Our focus is to provide additional programs, depending on the services and management programs (SLA). We offer 99.9% time for our customers and we are easy to support them all the time.

Vacancy at SimbaNET Ltd

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