Ongeza salio N-Card Recharge by mobile phone

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This article provides tutorial on how to recharge n-card by ussd, Ongeza salio N-Card, n-card refill, jinsi ya kuongeza salio la n-card kwa kutumia simu ya mkononi.

What is N-Card?

N-Card is a special credit card which allows users to perform electronic payments without carrying cash. N-Card is used for various payments including sports ticket payments and ferry transportation in Tanzania.

The government-issued N-Card minimizes the risk of carrying money and also helps in minimizing the time during paying. N-Card is flexible, it can be used to make payments on all social services and anywhere, our cards have no limitations, unlike other available cards in the market.

Jinsi ya Kuongeza salio N-Card In this article, you will learn the meaning of an N-Card, how to recharge N-card, and how to check your N-Card balance. The payments can be done through M-PESA, TIGO PESA, TTCL PESA, and Airtel Money.

The production of the N-card is under NIDC.

National Internet Data Centre [NIDC] |N-Card recharge

National Internet Data Centre (NIDC), has launched a new payment card [N-CARD] which allows people to make payments for tickets, goods and services all over the country without carrying around bulky cash, the payment example includes Sports tickets or Ferry transportation.

The government’s goal is to show how technology can revolutionize the day-to-day activities of people’s lives, that is why we came up with this card, and plans are underway to integrate this system with other payment systems in the country.

So National Internet Data Centre make it easy for Tanzanians to use it to make payment for Sports activities like football match or Others to use it for Ferry transportation.

Jinsi ya ku ongeza salio N-Card kwa simu. How to refill N-Card by mobile USSD

If your the one who uses an N card now you can top up and recharge your card with a mobile phone easily and faster. to recharge N-Card, just follow the following easy steps:-


  • Dial *150*00#
  • Then Choose 4 [LIPA BILI]
  • Choose 4 [NAMBA YA KAMPUNI]
  • Fill in the Organization Number which is 009009
  • Then fill in your N-CARD Number
  • Put Amount
  • Write your M-Pesa Pin
  • lastly, Select 1 to Accept the transaction to recharge N-Card


  • Dial *150*01#
  • Then choose LIPA BILI
  • Choose 3 [NAMBA YA KAMPUNI]
  • Fill in the Organization Number 009009
  • Fill in your N-CARD Number
  • Put Amount
  • Write your TIGO PESA Pin
  • Select 1 to Accept the transaction to recharge N-Card


  • Dial *150*71#
  • Then choose 4 [LIPA BILI]
  • Fill in your N-CARD Number
  • Put Amount
  • Write your T-PESA Pin
  • Then select 1 to Accept the transaction to recharge N-Card


  • Dial *150*60#
  • Click LIPA BILI
  • Put Organization Number 009009
  • Write your N-CARD Number
  • Put Amount
  • Write your AIRTEL MONEY Pin
  • Select 1 to Accept the transaction to recharge N-Card

Conclusion on how to recharge N-Card.

So these are the easiest way to recharge your N-card faster to avoid the Queue during recharging. I hope you learned something from this post, if so please share this post on different social media to help others too.

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