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Namibia NSSCAS results 2022 (GRADE 12)

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This article is about Namibia NSSCAS results 2022 (GRADE 12): Get your Namibia Grade 12 Results 2022 (NSSC Results 2022) Results 2022/2023 : Find Namibia Grade 12 Results 2022 (NSSC Results 2022/2023) Results 2022/2023, Namibia Grade 11 Results 2022 (NSSC and NSSCO) 2023, Grade 12 Results 2022 Ordinary Level (NSSCO Results 2022) Namibia, NSSCO Grade 12 Results 2022 Ordinary Level Namibia, Namibia NSSCO Grade 12 Final Exams Online Results NSSCAS results

With this post, we have supplied all of the necessary information about the Namibia Grade 12 Results 2022 on our website (NSSC Results 2022). Candidates are encouraged to bookmark the website and return to it often. We will notify you as soon as the Namibia Grade 12 Results 2022/23 (NSSC Results 2022) information is released by the authorities. Candidates may see the Namibia Grade 12 Results 2022 on our website by following the detailed processes and following the direct links given in the post.

Ministry of Education, Arts, and Culture of Namibia | NSSCAS results

The Ministry’s mission is derived from the Namibian Constitution, namely Articles 20 and 19 and 21, which deal with education and arts and culture, respectively.

The National Vision Statement – Vision 2030, Fifth National Development Plan, but not limited to, inspires and guides the Ministry of Education, Arts, and Culture’s mission and activities. Furthermore, the ETSIP (Education and Training Sector Improvement Programme) is the education and training sector’s answer to Vision 2030’s appeal.

The Ministry continues to aim for continual progress in quality inclusive education, teaching and learning, better learning outcomes, and the development of an educated and skilled workforce required for a productive and competitive Nation, as outlined in our national vision.

The Ministry continues to provide equitable inclusive education to 755 943 learners. 

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Ministry employs 29 391 teachers who are teaching 1,884 Government and government-aided schools. 

How to Check Grade 12 Result 2022/2023 | NSSCAS results

  1. GO
  2. Select your grade, session year, enter student number and press view results.
  3. Grade 10 student Numbers looks like this: 102W070694
  4. Grade 12 student Numbers looks like this: 15HE999999
    (These are sample student numbers, they dont work)
  5. Check your names

As has been observed over the course of the past few weeks, the dates and times of result announcements have been frequently changed. The information above has not been independently verified. However, this article will continue to be updated to reflect official updates as and when they come in.

Please Note:

You need to obtain your final results from your school or institution as the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture shall not be liable for any damages or loss, whether direct or indirect, arising out of the use of or omissions in response to the enquiry made herein or for any consequential damages, loss of profit or special damages arising out of the exam results provided or any use thereof.

More clarity regarding the exam results provided by this service or additional information about your results can be obtained from the:

Public Relations Officer

Johanna Absalom
Contact: 061- 293 3358
Ministry of Education.

NSSCO 2022 results | NSSCAS results

For more information Visit

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