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Get Namba ya NIDA online here

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In this article, we have written about how to get Namba ya NIDA online free | How to get Namba ya NIDA online. Also, we have analysed the importance of having a National Identity Card NIDA.

About NIDA

National Identification Authority (NIDA) is a public institution with a mandate of registering and issuing Secured National ID Cards to Citizens, Legal Residents, and Refugees who are 18 years and above.

NIDA also manages the National ID Database. Data stored in the NIDA database is then shared by NIDA stakeholders eg. Banks, Social Security funds for their customer Identification processes. Namba ya NIDA online

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How to Get Namba ya NIDA | Jinsi ya Kupata NIDA Namba

  1. Visit the official NIDA Website CLICK HERE
  2. After the page opens, you will see a form to fill in your information as registered. These details are:-
    • First name
    • Surname
    • Date of birth
    • First mother’s names
    • Mother’s last name
  3. Enter security word
  4. Finally, click on the “send” button
  5. Now you will get your number

Importance Of National Identity Card

There are many benefits to owning a National Identity Card, these are among the many benefits of national identity card.

  • It makes it easier to identify people who have borrowed loans from banks and various funds
    institutions in the country.
  • It will help increase the scope of Government revenue  by recognizing all those who evade paying taxes
  • It will help to identify the person easily when they need to be offered services in various institutions such as banks, credit institutions and health services.
  • It helps to keep records of crime incidents in an electronic notebook.
  • It enables one to identify someone when doing business or other activities using different names.
  • Having a National ID or Namba ya NIDA online from NIDA will also allow you to register your mobile SIM card numbercreate an account with BRELA ORS for business registration purposes, etc.
  • For registering the Ajira Portal account

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