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Mapinduzi Cup 2023 Timetable and Fixtures

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This article provide informations about Mapinduzi Cup 2023, Timetable Mapinduzi cup january 2023 and fixtures. Read here for more infomatimations.

About Mapinduzi Cup 2023

The Mapinduzi Cup is a top knockout football tournament in Zanzibar. Mapinduzi meaning Revolution in recognition of the Zanzibar Revolution. The Mapinduzi Cup is a tournament created by the Zanzibar Football Federation to commemorate Zanzibar’s Revolution day which is marked annually on 12 January.

In this year the tournament will be held from 1st January 2023 to 13th January of 2023.

The history of the Tournament

The first edition of the cup was in 1998. However, the cup is played between Zanzibar clubs together with clubs from Tanzania mainland. Since 2013 clubs from Kenya and Uganda have been invited to take part occasionally.

Along with the Zanzibari Cup and Nyerere Cup, the three tournaments are the three main knockout tournaments in Zanzibar. The maiden edition was won by Jamhuri F.C.

Participants of Mapinduzi Cup january 2023

The groups teams which involved in the tournament.


  1. Azam Fc
  2. Malindi
  3. Jamhuri


  1. Yanga Sports Club
  2. Singida Big Stars
  3. KMKM


  1. Simba Sports Club
  2. KVZ
  3. Mlandege Fc


  1. Namungo
  2. Chipukizi
  3. Aigle Noir

Mapinduzi Cup 2023 January Timetable and fixtures

See all fixtures of Mapinduzi Cup below;

January 01, 2023
16:15 Mlandege vs KVS
20:15 Malindi SC vs Jamhuri

January 02, 2023
16:15 Namungo vs Chipukizi
20:15 Singida Big Stars vs KMKM

January 03,2023
16:15 Azam FC vs Malindi SC
20:15 Simba SC vs Mlandege

January 04, 2023
16:15 Chipukizi v Aigle Noir
20:15 Yanga SC vs KMKM

January 05, 2023
16:15 Jamhuri vs Azam FC
20:15 KVZ vs Simba SC

January 06, 2023
16:15 Namungo v Aigle Noir
20:15 Yanga SC vs Singida Big Stars

January 08, 2023
2015: Semi Final 1

January 13,2023
20:15  Final Match

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