Criteria for Joining JKT 2022.

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JKT Youth (Nation-Building Army)

The Nation Building Army serves as the base of young recruits from the National Defense and Security Forces such as the JWTZ, the Police, the Courts, and the National Security, and Security Forces. private property. So the Nation Building Army brings young people to volunteer and follow the law and prepares young people for community service with a passion for work.

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Conditions for a youth volunteer to join the course

  1. Become a citizen of Tanzania
  2. Must be 18-23 years old
  3. Must have completed seventh grade and beyond
  4. She/He must be unmarried and unoccupied
  5. Comply with all military regulations that may apply to him or her during military service (evacuation, robbery, drunkenness, smoking, drugs, pregnancy, etc.) in the military. is a serious offense and you will be prosecuted and convicted by JKT.
  6. Should have been willing to return home after completing his contract with the Nation Building Army
  7. Have a positive attitude

Terms of the lawful youth for joining the course (kwa mujibu wa sheria)

  1. Must be a citizen of Tanzania
  2. Must have age between 18-35 years old
  3. Should have completed Form Six education and beyond
  4. Comply with all military rules that apply to him in the military (Smoking, drugs, and abortion) will be prosecuted and dismissed by JKT.
  5. Absenteeism is not accepted and the failure to breach the contract will be moved forward
  6. Have a positive attitude


JKT enrolls young people from all over the country on an annual basis. The procedure used is for JKT to write a letter to the regional leaders and outline the tasks for which the district is assigned.

After the District receives a letter from the JKT Director and a number of staff members for the youth is scheduled to attend. The state divides these activities according to its districts. Districts also need to be subdivided into divisions, cities, and towns. Local police often publish notices for these activities in their newsletters. JKT announces a way to engage the military with Federal and private media as well as overseeing the release of the report. for the public especially the youth. Preliminary interviews are held at the Regional Committee on Prevention and Safety where the young people come from, then held in the area, to determine the young people in the area. total area.

Once the operation was completed in the regions, JKT sent officers and soldiers from the JKT Youth Center for interviews in all regions of Mainland Tanzania. The young men were examined for their health and transported to the JKT forces.

For more information visit the JKT Official site.

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