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Ajira Portal
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This post provides all information on Jinsi Ya Kujisajili Ajira Portal, Ajira portal login, and Ajira portal Registration. If you have asked yourself how to register in the ajira portal? Then you came to the right place. In this post, you will learn how to register for an Ajira Portal account, How to open an account on Ajira Portal, and how to log in to Ajira Portal.

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What is Ajira Portal?

Ajira Portal or Recruitment Portal is an official job application portal whereby local Tanzanians send their job application for different government institutions’ vacancies announced by Public Service Recruitment Secretariat PSRS.

The Public Service Recruitment Secretariat (PSRS)

The Public Service Recruitment Secretariat (PSRS) is a government organ with the status of an independent Department established specifically to facilitate the recruitment process of employees to the Public Service. Public Service Recruitment Secretariat (PSRS) was established by the Public Service Act No. 8 0f 2002 as amended by Act No. 18 of 2007, section 29(1).


To be a Centre of Excellence in Public Service Recruitment (PSRS) in the region.


To undertake recruitment of Public servants using modern approaches by adhering to principles of equity, transparency and merits as well as providing advice to employers on employment-related matters.

Ajira Portal registration 2023 | Ajira portal login

Ajira Portal registration requirements:-
-An active Email Adress
-National ID Number/NIDA Number (NIN)
-Academics and Professional certificates in soft copy (Scanned)
-Birth Certificate
-Three referees
-A passport-size soft copy.

Step 1-Open account and Activate your Email.

To open an account Click the following link:- https://portal.ajira.go.tz/user/auth/registration_user

  • Fill in your email and password which you can remember.
ajira portal registration
  • Click Register To receive an email activation link. Then log in to your inbox email to activate your ajira portal account.
ajira portal email verification
  • Click ACTIVATE ACCOUNT to log in to your new account.
ajira portal login page
  • After Activating Your account now click the login button to log in to your new dashboard of the ajira portal.
ajiraportal dasboard

Now you have successfully created an Ajira portal account. Here comes the next step which you need to fill in your personal details and be ready to apply for the ajira portal vacancies.

Step 2. Complete Ajira Portal registration

From the dashboard, you will notice the percentage bar which indicates how much you have filled your profile. After creating an account you will notice the bar states that you have completed 48%. Now let’s see how we increase the percentage of your profile.

  • The percentage bar increases when you add your details. Now click Personal Details to fill in your details and contacts.
  • You will need to fill in your Nationa ID Number (NIN), Followed by 5 questions to verify your identity. After confirming your name and location will automatically be refilled. Now you will need to fill in your contact details, just scroll down.
  • Fill in your contact details and click save. After that you will need to open each tab and fill in the required details as shown below:
  • After finishing almost all of your details, the percentage level will rise to its equivalent level. Do not forget to declare your information on the Declaration tab.

NOTE: The candidate with a higher percentage is most likely to be chosen during selecting candidates for the position, so fill in as many details in each tab as possible to increase your percentage. Remember: Presentation of forged certificates and other information will necessitate legal action.

Step 3 Ajira Portal login | Job Application

Apply to a vacancy online

  • Click on the vacancies tab at the top of the page.
  • Select a vacancy of interest
  • Read the job requirements thoroughly.
  • Click ‘apply’ for this vacancy.


Now that you have successfully created a valid Ajira Portal account, the next thing is to log in and apply for available vacancies corresponding to your education and professional level.

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