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Download CamScanner Apk Paid | Free Download 2023 for Android

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This article is about the CamScanner apk mod app. Download PAID CamScanner Apk for free. Remove the watermark in your documents.

About CamScanner Apk

CamScanner Apk for android turns the camera of your smartphone into a document scanner. 

Scan a range of documents, from invoices to receipts. The app turns scanned documents into PDF files. 

With CamScanner Apk easily scans documents as well as shares them.

This article is about the CamScanner apk mod app. Download PAID CamScanner Apk for free. Remove the watermark in your documents.

Users can now not only scan but also store as well as sync their various documents over their Android devices. 

The CamScanner App has been installed by more than 350 million devices in more than 200 countries across the world.

CamScanner Apk for android is free to download on Android, but you can upgrade to a premium plan to get 10GB of storage, send document links with password protection, and batch download documents.

There are three versions of this app, free, premium, and business. 

The free version watermarks your PDFs with a “Scanned by CamScanner” notation at the bottom of each page. 

For the Premium Account, you have the option to pay either $4.99 a month or $49.99 a year. 

The business version, which provides better options for team collaboration, costs $6.99 per user per month, or $69.99 a year.

Here you can download CamScanner Apk all paid versions for Free.

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Download CamScanner Apk Now (90 MB)


A few of the amazing features of the app are as follows.

Instant Digitization of the documents:

Simply make use of the device camera and it will allow the app to scan and make a digital copy of Receipts, Notes, Invoices, and Certificates.

Optimum scanning quality:

With features such as auto enhancing and smart cropping; the text, as well as the graphics of the scanned documents, appears clear and sharp for viewing in optimum colour schemes.

Easy text extracting from images:

With the OCR (Optical Character Recognition), recognizing the texts of the documents in image form is easy. Also, extract these texts from images to either search, edit, or share. However, It is only available in the CamScanner premium version.

Sharing JPEG and PDF files:

The scanned documents can be shared with friends and family in either JPEG or PDF formats. You can send them in a variety of ways like Send as an attachment via Email, Email as a download link, or Post on social media like Facebook.

Fax Documents & AirPrint:

If you have access to any nearby printer, then they can easily take a print the CamScanner’s document with the AirPrint feature. Also, fax the document to nearly 30 other connections from a fax machine.

Editing of documents:

With a wide range of in-app editing tools, make certain annotations over the documents. If the user needs to add a certain watermark to their private documents, then they can make use of the customized in-app watermarks

Quick search

If there are lots of documents in the CamScanner app, then make use of the Tags to find a particular document. With the OCR, you can find a document by entering the specific texts present in their notes and images

Security for important document

For the protection of confidential documents, set a password for viewing certain documents. In addition to this, a passcode can also be set on the documents sent as a downloadable link

Syncing over other devices:

Users can sign up on the CamScanner to sync all of their documents on all of their devices. With this users can not only view but also edit and share every document on their account.

I hope you successfully downloaded CamScanner Apk Mod for free. If you face any challenges feel better to write them in the comment section below.

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