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Cambridge IGCSE and O Level results | Cambridge result

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18 Aug 2022

Today, around 250,000 students worldwide will receive their Cambridge IGCSE and O Level results from our June 2022 exam series.

It has been another difficult year for students and teachers worldwide, with some still affected by lockdowns and most still dealing with the various effects of the pandemic. Today’s results are a true testament to Cambridge students for their hard work and to Cambridge teachers for their incredible support.

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Exams were able to go ahead in nearly all countries in June 2022, with 95% of students taking exams compared with 75% in June 2021. Where exams could not go ahead because of local Covid-19 restrictions, Cambridge International provided an alternative assessment, marked by Cambridge examiners.

We also provided support to help students and teachers worldwide to adapt the running of exams and other assessments to the disruption caused by Covid-19. Our priorities have been ensuring the safety of students and school staff and ensuring as many students as possible are able to progress with their education.

Commenting on the June 2022 exam series, Christine Özden, Chief Accountable Officer, Cambridge International said this for Cambridge IGCSE and O Level results:

“This year has been another tough one – the pandemic has continued to disrupt our lives and learning in different ways. Some of our students and teachers have been affected by school closures and ongoing restrictions.

More than ever, I congratulate Cambridge students for their hard work towards these results. They’ve shown great resilience and dedication to get to this point, and I am proud of everyone’s achievements. They can now progress to new opportunities and experiences, and I’m confident they have the skills, knowledge and courage to succeed in every choice they make.

I also want to express special thanks to Cambridge schools and teachers. Their commitment and passion for education have been fundamental to their student’s success.”

Across the entire Cambridge International exam series in June 2022, more than 460,000 students – making 1.4 million entries in 147 countries – have been able to gain the qualifications they need to take their next steps, and we are immensely proud of all they have accomplished.

Cambridge IGCSE and O Level results are released on 18 August, and Cambridge International AS & A Level results were released on 11 August.

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