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Call for Interview Jan 2023- Tangazo la kuitwa kwenye usaili Taasis mbalimbali za Umma

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Call for Interview Jan 2023. This post provides the names of candidates who applied for jobs in the following public institutions :- CAMARTEC, MoF, CPB, MUCE, TEMESA, NIRC, TPDC, NEMC, and MJNUAT. You can read all names here in this post.

Job Interview Announcement

Secretary of the Public Service Employment Secretariat on behalf of the Ministry of Finance and Planning, (MoF) Center for Agricultural Tools and Rural Technology (CAMARTEC), Cereals and Mixed Crops Board (CPB), Affiliated University of Education Mkwawa ( MUCE), Technical and Electricity Agency (TEMESA), National Irrigation Commission (NIRC), Tanzania Petroleum Development Corporation (TPDC), National Conservation and Environmental Management Council (NEMC) and Mwalimu Agricultural University J.K. Nyerere (MJNUAT) would like to inform all job applicants who applied for a job that the interview is expected to be conducted on January 28, 2023 to February 06, 2023 and finally to assign job centers to job applicants who pass the interview.

Read and download all Names in the PDF Bellow

Read the names in the pdf below:-

If you do not see the names click download or the link below


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