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Best Adsense Alternatives Ad Networks

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Best Adsense Alternatives Ad Networks. Are you a new blogger & looking for an Ad Network with minimum requirements that lets you monetize your new & low-traffic blog? This post provides information on other best Adsense Alternatives that you can find and how to apply for them.

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If your answer is “Yes!” then today is a lucky day.

Today, you will be learning about three advertising networks that are very friendly to new bloggers.

About Google AdSense

AdSense is a great ad platform because of the quality of its ads, but the problem is getting AdSense approval. Even though the “6-month-old domain” requirement is a myth, not everybody is as lucky to get instant AdSense approval.

Unique content is not the only factor for AdSense approval. There are many other factors AdSense wants to see before giving your site the thumbs up.

Small blogs usually need so much help getting AdSense approval, so I have listed several other good ad networks for new bloggers.

How to increase AdSense revenue

At the same time, there are many ad networks in the industry. But only some of these ad networks are good. As a result, they may cheat bloggers by refusing to pay even when the minimum payout is reached.

But I’ve outlined four trustworthy and reliable ad networks which you can use right now to monetize your blog.

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This article is written for small publishers. However, this post will be a goldmine for you if you are a small blogger.

4 best Adsense Alternatives Ad Networks with minimum requirements for Small Publishers With Fast Approval:


PropellerAds is an advertising network ideal for beginner or intermediate traffic owners.

You don’t need any technical skills to place ads on your website. After signing up and verifying your site, all you need to do is:

Get an ad tag with a few clicks. Then, place it on your website. You can get up to $8 – $10 for 1000 views. The minimum payout is $5.

If you don’t want to spend time analyzing data to find the best formats, use PropellerAds Multi tag. It’ll automatically display the best adverts to your audience.

Pros of PropellerAds:

  • AdBlock bypass
  • Fast activation
  • Clean ads
  • It can be used with other monetization platforms
  • 24/7 Support

Cons of PropellerAds:

  • They don’t work with Adult traffic.

Getting started with PropellerAds is easy & they pay using Payoneer, Webmoney & other methods. Try different ad formats, and you can be sure to get the best CPM rates in the industry.

Get started with PropellerAds

2. Ezoic Access now

Ezoic is a well-known premium ad network, which was earlier available for websites with mid-high traffic volume. Recently, they have introduced a new program called “Ezoic Access now,” which is for more unique websites but with quality content.

For new bloggers struggling with access to a quality ad network, Ezoic access is a great way to serve quality ads on your blog and make more money than other new bloggers.

Highlights of the Ezoic Access now program:

  • No pageview limitations
  • Get started in 15 minutes
  • Gain access to high-paying ad networks
  • Machine learning auto-optimize ad placement on your website
  • 500-1000 monthly page views required

Apply for Ezoic Access Now

3. PopAds

PopAds is a premium pop ad network.

This is a good ad network for small publishers because they have no minimum traffic requirements.

They started in 2010 & promise to offer 100% fill rates. They allow all types of blogs, including illegal ones, and other “adult” related content. Once you signup, set up the auto withdrawal option. You will get paid automatically once you reach the minimum payout threshold.

Approval is instant.

Pros of PopAds:

  • High CPM rates when compared to other networks
  • No minimum traffic requirements
  • The minimum payout is $5
  • Auto money withdrawal

Cons of PopAds:

  • The only available payment mode is PayPal, Payoneer

Check out PopAdsevenue Hits

4. Revenuehits

Revenue Hits are very different compared to the other ad networks on this list.

Revenue Hits won’t pay you anything for clicks or impressions. They only pay when a click is turned into action. So, for example, if advertisers need user information, they advertise using Revenue Hits.

Publishers place the ad code on their blogs. When a visitor clicks the ad and gives their name and email to the advertiser, the publisher (you) will get paid.

They pay $10-$50 per action
The minimum payout is $20
They pay via Paypal, Payoneer & bank transfer
I have seen many publishers making between $10- $100 per day using this ad network.

This is a great ad network for small publishers with no minimum traffic requirements.

Pros of Revenue Hits:

Very high CPA rates
Good minimum payout when compared to other ad networks like AdSense
Good support
Instant activation (Yup!)

Cons of Revenue Hits:

The ad format. They don’t use CPC or CPM methods. They only pay for actions.

Create an account on Revenue hits


It’s good to have a collection of advertisement networks for entry-level bloggers. The good thing about the best Adsense Alternatives ad networks mentioned above is they have Ad Networks with minimum requirements for small bloggers.

They might not be as popular as other premium ad networks such as AdSense, Setupad, or any other. Still, they ensure that new bloggers can taste the joy of earning an online income.


I would like to hear about other ad networks that you are using & are helping you generate revenue. So do share what other ad networks you are using in the comment section below.

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