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24 centers/schools banned from psle results

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This post is about ufaulu umeongezeka matokeo ya darasa la saba, vituo vilivyofungiwa matokeo ya darasa la saba, students who caught cheating. Read here carefull.

Tazama matokeo ya darasa la saba 2022 hapa

Ufaulu waongezeka kitaifa

The Tanzania Examinations Council (NECTA) has today announced the results of the standard seven for the year 2022 where a total of 1,073,402 candidates out of 1,348,073 with results which is equal to 79.62 percent have succeeded where they have obtained grades A, B and C.

“Among them, 558,825 girls are equal to 78.91 percent and 514,577 boys are equal to 80.41 percent”

“In 2021, the successful candidates were 907,802 equal to 81.97 percent, so statistically there is a decrease in the success rate by 2.35 percent even though the number of successful candidates has increased by 165,600 candidates equal to 18.24 percent compared to the year 2021”

Banned Centers from psle results. Vituo vilivyofungiwa matokeo

The Tanzania Examinations Council (NECTA) has closed 24 examination centers equal to 0.13 percent of all 17,935 centers that took the exam that have been proven to organize and cheat in the 2022 primary education exam.

These centers are closed until the Council is satisfied that it is safe for the conduct of exams, these centers are Kadama Primary (Chato), Rweikiza Primary (Bukoba), Kilimanjaro Primary (Arusha), Sahare Primary (Tanga), St.Anne Marie Primary (Ubungo, Dar es salaam).

Other closed centers are Ukerewe Primary (Mwanza), Peaceland (Ukerewe), Karume Primary (Bukoba) , Al Hikma Primary (Dar es salaam) Kazoba Primary (Karagwe), Mugini Primary (Magu Mwanza), Busara (Magu, Mwanza), Jamia Primary (Bukoba) Winners Primary (Mwanza), Musabe Primary (Mwanza )

Other closed schools are Elisabene Primary (Tunduma), High Challenge Primary (Arusha), Tumaini Primary (Sengerema Mwanza), Holele Primary (Mwanza) Must Lead Primary (Chalinze) Moregas Primary (Tarime) Leaders Primary (Rorya), Kivulini Primary ( Mwanza) , St Severin Primary (Biharamulo

Students who are banned from necta psle results

The Tanzania Examinations Council (NECTA) has today announced the results of the seventh grade for the year 2022 where it has announced the cancellation of all the results of 2194 Candidates equal to 0.16 percent of the 1,350,881 Candidates who took the exam who have been found to have cheated in the exam to complete primary education in 2022.


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